News: Celebrating International Women’s Day

This International Women’s Day we’re sharing the stories of some of the talented, courageous, passionate, and determined women across our business. Read about them below!

Meet Alexis Porter, Senior Instrumentation & Controls Engineer

“I have a degree in chemical engineering and started my career as an engineering consultant in 2014 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. My first project was an alarm management safety initiative at a chemical plant where I learned the plant process and helped facilitate site meetings, design dynamic alarm programs and implement the finished product on site. The following year I moved back home to South Jersey and worked for six years for an independent downstream oil refinery in process engineering and control system engineering roles. These roles provided many valuable experiences in operations, process design, control system technology and business development.

The highlight was leading a 2-year project to perform an on-process upgrade of the tank farm and gasoline blender control system from 1980s technology to a modern platform.

I joined CH-IV in August 2021 as a Senior Instrumentation & Controls Engineer and am currently working on various FEED projects in project management and technical roles.

I grew up fascinated with all of my math, science and foreign language classes and engineering seemed like a good fit. I knew I didn’t want to go down the academia route and engineering is a career where you learn on the job and have an infinite number of career paths available. I like that I can jump into a new industry and hit the ground running and that I’m learning new things every single day.

I joined CH-IV because I wanted to gain experience in a new industry and LNG seemed like an appropriate pivot from downstream oil refining. I spent most of my career in an operations-focused engineering role and I wanted to challenge myself to enter the design and construction space.

Also I was really excited to work with all of talented and genuine people at CH-IV.

I like that I have the opportunity to work on various projects in a variety of roles at any given time. I like that each day brings new challenges and learning opportunities. I enjoy working with a diverse and talented group of people in an environment that encourages different opinions and collaboration. I also value the flexible work arrangements that have made it possible to excel in my job and still spend quality time with my family.

I feel well respected at CH-IV and appreciate all of my co-workers’ diverse backgrounds and experiences. I am happy to see that the Clough’s executive team has made diversity and inclusion a priority. These things take time and showing support at the top is very encouraging. I believe that a diverse team leads to a stronger and more innovative business with great growth outlooks. I look forward to getting involved as the company continues to advance this initiative.

I hope to see more and more industries and companies embrace diversity and inclusion. I hope to see expansion into new and exciting fields as we work towards optimizing existing energy processes and expanding the global renewable energy portfolio.

My advice for other women in the industry is to be yourself and feel proud that you and each of your coworkers bring something new and different to the team. Don’t forget that opportunities for growth are abound and don’t be afraid to take a leap in your career to an unfamiliar role. You need to be your own advocate and seek out opportunities instead of waiting for them to find you.”

Meet Kat Lewton, Vice President- Strategy & Development

“I started my career in 2000 and joined an EPC contractor in the UK as a graduate trainee. I worked initially in procurement and subcontracts, but after 4 years I was asked to join the business development department as a sales coordinator supporting the BD Directors.

After 2 years I was promoted to Business Development Manager – and I was the first woman in the company to ever hold the role. Which to this day, is still an achievement I am immensely proud of.

In 2010 I made the biggest decision of my life and I moved to the US for a different company in the energy industry. It was a real leap of faith leaving my family, friends, and a company for whom I had worked for more than 10 years.

In that new role I was leading a new business unit specializing in modularization. One of our successes was the launch of a novel concept in module transportation. The team then successfully deployed the strategy we developed, which led to us securing the largest contract the company had ever been awarded.

The real highlight for me, though, in each of my companies, is the people who I’ve worked with throughout my career, who I now count as family and not just former colleagues.

I never imagined I would have a career in the engineering industry. I have a degree in English & Communications and at one point had aspirations to be a writer.

My granddad worked in the Energy Industry for over 40 years. When he heard I’d been offered a 3 month temporary job at an engineering contractor, he called me and told me to take the position, work hard, and travel wherever they asked me to go. He told me I wouldn’t regret it.

He was right – I quickly realized that I’d found my calling in contract management and business development. 3 months has turned into more than 20 years and counting, and I have since travelled to more countries than I could name growing up. I’ve met and worked with wonderful people from different cultural backgrounds, who collaborate to make world-transforming energy projects a reality.

At CH-IV I’m responsible for the strategy and development of our business. This includes our legacy LNG business and our energy diversity program DeCO2DE.

I joined CH-IV because I was excited about our focus on Energy Diversity, Low Carbon solutions, and the legacy the company has in energy transition.

It’s extremely rewarding to work with our clients at the inception of their capital projects journey and supporting them during the full project lifecycle. It’s inspiring seeing the ideas that we put on a whiteboard transformed into an operational facility.

I enjoy the variety of the projects that we undertake. No two days are the same.

I really enjoy the camaraderie of the team members, who always support one another and find a way to deliver for our clients.

Our leadership reinforces regularly our commitment to diversity and equal opportunity. Just as one example, our HERSTORY MAKERS program for Clough North America and CH-IV addresses diversity and equal opportunity for women in our company. It enables equality, fairness and inclusion by leveraging the power of our own stories to drive change and awareness.

I hope to see further innovation, digitalization, and implementation of new technologies for a low-carbon future.

One piece of advice for other women in the industry would be to find someone whose values, career path, and character you admire and who inspires you. Approach them and ask if they’d be a mentor for you. I’ve done this multiple times in my career and you’ll be amazed at how receptive and supportive the industry is. I’m still in contact with all of my mentors, and they continue to provide invaluable guidance and advice to me.”

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