Service: Consulting

With decades of project design and execution experience, our consulting group provides advisory and Subject Matter Expert services to the industry. CH·IV Consulting services range from technical and commercial to environmental and regulatory, and span through the lifecycle of the project.

Subject Matter Expert Services

  • Technical and Commercial Due Diligence
    • Existing/Operating Assets
    • Proposed Projects in various phases of development
  • Plant Life Expectancy Studies
  • Vapor Handling Evaluations
  • Waste Heat/Waste Cold Utilization
  • Technology Evaluation and Selection
  • Plant Capacity Selection
  • FEED Oversight / EPC Pre-Qualification, Bid Preparation, EPC Selection Advisory Services
  • Detailed Design Review
  • Cold-Eyes Review
  • Construction Inspection
  • Operations Readiness Audits
  • Owner’s Engineering Support

LNG Consulting

  • Hazard Exclusion Zone Studies
  • Public Outreach and Education
  • Expert Testimony
  • LNG Shipping Trade Simulations
  • Plant Life Expectancy Studies
  • Facility / Equipment Due Diligence Studies
  • Vapor Handling Evaluations
  • Deep Water Ports according to 33CFR
  • Waste Heat/Waste Cold Utilization
  • Liquefaction Cycle Design or Selection
  • Pretreatment System Performance Optimization Analysis
  • Gas Supply / Demand Studies
  • Gas Supply Alternatives
  • Non-Traditional LNG Production Concepts
  • Landfill (LFG) Liquefaction

Owner’s Engineering Services throughout the Project Lifecycle

  • Oversight of pre-FEED/FEED/Detail Engineering
  • FEED / EPC Pre-Qualification, Bid Preparation, Selection, Negotiation
  • Detailed Design Oversight
  • Construction Inspection and Oversight
  • Emergency Response Manual Development
  • Bid Package Preparation, EPC Prequalification and EPC Bids Review
  • Permitting and Compliance
  • Contracts Support, Schedule and Progress
  • EPC, Commissioning and Startup Oversight

Due Diligence

  • Technical
  • Commercial
  • Feasibility of Concept

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