Service: Engineering

With a multidisciplinary engineering team, CH·IV serves a variety of projects from Conceptual Design and Feasibility, preparation of Pre-FEED and FEED, through Commissioning and Startup of facilities. Our team of experienced engineers ensure implementation of Safety in Design and perform Process and Plant Optimization and Debottlenecking studies, followed by providing action-plan recommendations.

Engineering Services

  • Fatal Flaw and Feasibility Studies
  • Conceptual Design
  • Site Selection Services
  • Facility Siting and Offsite Consequence Analysis
    • Thermal Radiation
    • Vapor Dispersion & Jet Fires
    • Overpressure
    • BLEVE
    • NFPA 59A Fire Protection Evaluations
  • Fire Protection Evaluations Prevention Plans
  • Pre-FEED and FEED
  • Permit Package Preparation
    • Federal Agencies
    • State and Local
  • EPC Bid Package Preparation
  • Operation Procedures
  • HAZID Facilitation
  • HAZOP Support
  • Startup & Commissioning
    • Early Involvement and Planning
    • Onsite Support
  • Project Completions
  • Operations Manual and Operator Training
  • Safety in Design
  • Process and Plant Optimization and Debottlenecking
  • Multidisciplinary Engineering Group

Owner’s Engineering

Integrated Project Management Team

  • Flexible Degree of Involvement based on Client’s in-house staffing plan
  • Remote and local support at EPC contractor’s office
  • Access to competent personnel/processes/systems at competitive prices through CH·IV and Clough Group LNG experience
  • CH·IV is unique in having extensive experience with projects worldwide
  • Experienced personnel with backgrounds in EPC contractors, global EPCM and EPC experience
  • CH·IV is perfectly suited to support Clients as a single interface


  • Technology Evaluation and Selection Criteria
  • Permitting Support and Oversight
  • EPC RFP Package Preparation, Bid Review and EPC Selection Support
    • Selection Criteria
    • Decision Matric
  • Reviews of Contractor’s Deliveries
  • Engineering
  • Schedule and Milestones
  • Progress Reporting
  • Validation of the OBE
  • Review of the EPC Contractor Project Execution Plan
  • Subject Matter Expertise
  • Support Major Technical Decisions
  • Throughout the HAZID and Pre-PHA (preliminary HAZOP) Safety Reviews
  • Review / Approval of Proposed Action Item Resolution
  • Code Compliance
  • Support Conformance of EPC Contractor to Owner’s Policies and Procedures

Detail Design

  • Engineering support throughout model reviews (30%, 60% and 90%) and construction planning reviews
  • Regulatory Advisory and Implementation Planning
  • Review and evaluation of potential change orders, to include estimated schedule, cost, and quantity impacts
  • Creation and maintenance of a change control log
  • Various engineering support, such as support throughout the HAZOP safety reviews and review/approval of the study actions and recommendations


  • Continuation of Detail Engineering Phase Services
    • Regulatory and Compliance
    • Engineering
    • Environmental
    • Project Services
  • Independent Engineering Support
  • Operation Readiness
  • Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning, Cooldown and Startup Support
    • Home office preparation, Starting with participation in HAZOP
    • Onsite

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