Decarbonizing and Diversifying Energy

As we globally strategize towards carbon footprint reduction and achieving Net Zero, new energy destinations need to be mapped out. Sustainability and further decarbonization are complex undertakings in the current environment of changing regulations, shifting supply chains, and an ever evolving global economy. CH•IV is an experienced development partner that will help you break through the complexity of your decision-making process and as you move your projects from concept to completion. Our DeCO2DE solutions complement your efforts in aligning the stars through success of your capital projects journey. At CH•IV, we’ve been part of the energy transition for more than 20 years. Today we continue our legacy of being an enabler of sustainable energy and energy diversity by guiding our clients through the complexities of new low-carbon technologies and solutions. We have been spearheading decarbonization since 2001, providing engineering and consulting services, aiding our clients to convert from coal and oil-based solutions to natural gas, bioenergy and hydrogen alternatives in the U.S. and internationally. For decades we have developed projects using low carbon energy sources as fuels for vehicles, locomotives and heavy marine transport. We have designed natural gas import facilities to fuel combined cycle power plants. Serving the U.S. peakshaving and regulated utilities allows us to play our part in sustainability and reliability of our grid. Our efforts in permitting various industrial facilities supports our clients in developing their projects held to high environmental protection standards. At CH•IV we take pride in the roles we’ve had in substantial reductions in greenhouse gas releases and protection of the environment in an economically viable way.

The Low Carbon Transition is Leading to a Fundamental Shift in the Global Energy System

New and Changing Regulations

The future deployment of low carbon technologies and solutions will depend on the policy landscape at federal and state level. We help our clients navigate the complexities of changing and new regulations through our extensive experience in providing regulatory guidance and permitting. From project conception through operations, our subject matter experts, with real world experience take a well-organized strategic approach to achieve project objectives. We provide effective solutions in obtaining authorizations and permits, managing investigations, overseeing impacts analysis, and compliance management. CH•IV stays abreast of evolving legislation and regulations to bridge the gap between policy and practical implementation.

Technologies Requiring Evaluation & Selection

In the transition to net-zero emissions it is expected that over 800 technologies will be required to create a resilient and secure energy system, many of which haven’t yet been commercialized. For decades we have been assessing and evaluating state-of-the-art technologies to empower our clients to make selections based on the best possible outcomes for their objectives.  We are an unbiased partner, with no allegiance to in-house technology, we are best placed to focus on the big picture and best path forward by independently evaluating all available technologies.  Whether you have a technology you are commercializing or considering deploying, our in-house subject matter experts are focused on finding the right technology solutions without partiality.

Economic Viability and a License to Operate

Our team comprises of industry leading project services and engineering professionals whose backgrounds as both energy major owner’s and consultants enables creative and innovative ways of working, drawing on decades of experience gained in complementary engineering disciplines to drive business productivity, efficiencies, sustainability, health & safety, and compliance.   Our key objective is to enhance your business performance by increasing efficiencies, productivity, and reducing operating costs through engagement, collaboration, and innovation.

DeCO2DE Solutions


The global hydrogen market is poised to grow rapidly with the introduction of blue and green technologies. This presents opportunities across industries to become hydrogen enabled, CH•IV can deliver on hydrogen.  Our subject matter experts have extensive experience in GHG emissions reduction strategies, and our team of regulatory and environmental specialists support our clients through the complexity of changing legislation.

Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS)

CCUS provides a practical solution to alleviate greenhouse gas emissions in large energy-intensive industries and is considered one of the best ways to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.  CH•IV has subject matter experts in CCUS who have worked on numerous CCUS projects domestically and internationally with experience in GHG emissions.


Bio-energy is expected to have a prominent role in limiting global greenhouse gas emissions to meet the climate change target of the Paris Agreement. Many technologies exist to facilitate the diversification of energy sources – requiring an experienced partner for full evaluation for utility scale up and constructability. We are an experienced owner’s engineer for clients who have successfully commercialized in the bio-energy arena across all scopes from design support to commissioning and start-up.   Learn more about CH•IV's services:

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