News: CH-IV Expands Engineering and Consulting Operations into New Markets

CH-IV International is proud to announce its recent branding refresh and market diversification strategy of their engineering and consulting services as they continue to expand further into the Oil & Gas, Midstream, Power and Water and Wastewater industries.

“Since 2001, CH-IV has been known as an industry leading engineering and consulting firm to the LNG industry” states Mona Setoodeh, President of CH-IV. “Over the past 20 years, our operations have expanded greatly, leading our capabilities into new market opportunities. Our ability to advise and serve our clients more broadly across market sectors directly aligns with the growth strategy of our parent company, Clough Group, and is supported by our in-house team of engineers, and technical, commercial, and regulatory subject matter experts.”

CH-IV’s core commitment remains unchanged – provide unparalleled value to our client’s operations by protecting their investment throughout the entire project lifecycle, backed by our proven solutions and execution experience.

CH-IV will continue to be an industry leader in the LNG sector, and will now have the capabilities and expertise to provide front-end delivery services to Clough’s energy, infrastructure and resources operations across North America and Globally.

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About CH-IV

CH·IV International is a global engineering and consulting firm that provides full spectrum solutions to asset developers, regulators, owners, operators and lenders across the energy, infrastructure and resources industries. Our team of expert advisors work in close partnership with our clients to ensure that their assets are developed, designed, constructed and operated safely, in accordance with the project’s technical and commercial specifications while adhering to regulatory and environmental requirements. CH·IV is the independent consulting and front-end delivery arm of Clough Group, providing fully integrated, end-to-end solutions.

With over 150 years of combined engineering experience, we take pride in maintaining the highest standards of technical accuracy, proficiency and integrity, setting new safety and performance benchmarks every single day. CH·IV International was established in 2001 and is a wholly owned company of Clough Limited.

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