News: CH-IV International and Booth Welsh Form Strategic Partnership

 CH-IV International & Booth Welsh Form Strategic Partnership to Drive Decarbonisation and Hydrogen Innovation in Global Energy Markets

CH- IV is pleased to share news of its strategic partnership with Booth Welsh, aimed at supporting growth and innovation in the energy sector. This partnership sets the stage for both companies to maximise their respective strengths, including reciprocal office sharing and an exchange of expertise in decarbonisation and hydrogen technologies.

Both businesses have a strong commitment to sustainability, and with a rich legacy of engineering excellence, are poised to leverage their collective knowledge to gain a stronger foothold in global markets.

A key aspect of this partnership revolves around reciprocal office sharing. Booth Welsh’s headquarters in Ayrshire, Scotland, and CH-IV’s US offices in Houston, Baltimore and Calgary will become collaborative hubs for the exchange of expertise and resources.

The strategic location of CH-IV International’s US offices takes on particular significance, as it offers a closer base to Booth Welsh’s international life sciences clients. This proximity facilitates enhanced collaboration, and streamlined communication, enabling both companies to better serve their clients’ evolving needs effectively.

CH-IV and Booth Welsh were formerly united under a global group and have over the years collaborated on a number of fronts within the Process industries and also collaborating on strategic marketing and business development initiatives.

CH-IV International President, Mona Setoodeh added,

“Protecting interests and investments of our clients is our top mission at CH-IV, paralleled with our commitment to a strong collaborative culture. I am delighted to expand our partnership with Booth Welsh; an organization that not only demonstrates excellence in delivery of its services, but one that shares our values and commitments. I am very excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and the outlook of serving our respective clients across the continents.”


Commenting on this exciting partnership, Martin Welsh, Booth Welsh’s Managing Director stated,

“Collaborations and partnerships are at the core of everything we do at Booth Welsh and I am thrilled to partner with CH-IV International in a more formal capacity. Having worked closely together as part of a global group, we have a strong alignment on shared values and expertise, and I look forward to our businesses’ exploring synergistic areas of growth together.”



As the world’s energy landscape continues to evolve rapidly, CH-IV International &Booth Welsh’s partnership serves as a testament to the power of collaboration in driving meaningful change.

For more information about this partnership and both companies, please visit Booth Welsh’s and CH-IV websites.

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