Project: JAX LNG Project


Jacksonville, Florida

Scope of Work
Small scale LNG terminal with a total LNG liquefaction capacity of 120,000 gallons-per- day utilizing a nitrogen expansion cycle LNG Train. The terminal includes a single containment LNG storage tank with a net capacity of 2,000,000 gallons, Boil-off gas compression system, amine based natural gas pre-treatment system, heavies removal system, on-site power generation system and marine facilities for loading LNG bunk barges. The terminal currently supplies LNG for refueling of container ships. In Q4 2019 JAX LNG commenced the expansion of the terminal to increase the total production capacity to 360,000 gallons-per-day with the addition of a mixed-refrigerant technology based LNG production train and a second LNG storage tank bringing the total on-site storage capacity to 4,000,000 gallons.

Current scope includes:
• Siting studies
• Phase II Pre-Feed Design
• Owner’s Engineer (Phase I & II)
• Startup & Commissioning Services

Major Milestones
• Phase 1 Commercial Operations, Q4 2019
• Phase 2 EPC Contract Award, Q4, 2019
• Phase II Commercial Operations, Q4 2021

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